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Making money betting on sports is possible, but requires discipline, practice and understanding of odds and sportsbooks. 60% is about the highest winning percentage you can expect over a long period of time in sports betting.  

-110 is generally the odds that imply a probability of winning 50% of your bets, this is your starting point as a sports bettor. If anyone ever tells you they pick winners over 60% of the time long term, they are trying to scam you. Run, don’t walk.  A reasonable goal to make money betting on sports is 54-57%.

For example, a 54% bettor can expect to win 5,400 bets, winning $100 on each bet (remember, the -110 odds), meanwhile losing 4,600 bets costing $110 per time. That is going to win you $34,000 on average BUT that isn’t guaranteed to be the case. In betting there is volatility. 

52.4%. This is the most important number for sports bettors. This is the break even point where you break free of the sportsbooks juice or vig, and start making profit. It doesn’t sound too hard, but as you can see, each fraction of a percent above that point means less chance that volatility is going to adversely affect the outcome and more profit.

Get used to fighting for every percent, for every half point in the spread, for every fraction in the odds. In my club, I am going to get us as close to 54-57% as I can. You must be disciplined and have patience


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