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We are selective and stick to our core principles no matter what. Making money betting on sports is possible, but requires discipline, practice and understanding of odds and sportsbooks. 60% is about the highest winning percentage you can expect over a long period of time in sports betting.-110 is generally the odds that imply a probability of winning 50% of your bets, this is your starting point as a sports bettor. If anyone ever tells you they pick winners over 60% of the time long term, they are trying to scam you. Don't walk, Run!
52.4% is the most important number for sports bettors. This is the break even point where you break free of the sportsbooks juice or vig, and start making profit. It doesn’t sound too hard, but as you can see, each fraction of a percent above that point means less chance that volatility is going to adversely affect the outcome and more profit.​​​


Picks Package includes
  •     4-6 Plays/week......

  •     (Against-the-spread, over/under and money-line)

  •     Play Value Recommendations for each Pick/trade

  •     All sports included, no up-selling

  •     All Games emailed well in advance of the game time.

  •     I send out an email blast daily to communicate with my club members!

  •     View pending & past plays

How do we Pick the Sports Trades?
Will share some with you, TRH Sports Club uses quantitative and qualitative methods to identify key trends and exploit them in our predictive model.

Key to this is finding undervalued or overvalued teams + key outside trends we call “influencers”, which include a slate of variables unrelated to raw skill lev​els. These might include well known factors including home field advantage, coaching acumen, and weather, and more nuanced factors such as fatigue (travel schedules, wear and tear), key match up mismatches, ref tendencies (i.e. calling tight or loose games, which benefits a particular style of play), among many others.

All games we recommend are our best moves/picks for that day, you should always follow our bankroll management system. Our system is simple. Moves are rated 1-5 units (*1 unit* is 5% of your bankroll)
Those of you who have used us in the past know that we do business with honesty and integrity, and for those who have never used us what are you waiting for. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with an honest professional here at my club since 2009!
TRH Sports Club is based in New Jersey where Sports betting is 100% legal now and we are making more money then ever!!!!!!

We stick to our core principles:
  1. Being Selective

  2. Having Patience

  3. Never Chase

  4. Money Management

  5. Try to always get the best of the number

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