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How do I access my picks/trades?
​*Members will receive an email report once a day by 3PM ET Mon-Friday & 10AM
ET on the weekends with that day's selections. Additional late/early could be added daily.

1 Day Pass
Your move or moves are downloaded after you pay on the checkout page.

How does your unit system work?
Frank's picks vary between 1 and 5 units each. To find your unit size, simply divide your bankroll by 100. 1 unit equals 1% of your bankroll.

Total Bankroll (TB) is the total amount designated to gambling on any given night.
Units (*) are used as an outline to distinguish wager amounts.
Picks vary between 1 and 5 units each. To find your unit size, simply divide your
bankroll by 100. 1 unit equals 1% of your bankroll.
1 Unit = 1% TB ... 5 Units = 5% TB
Typically 2 units are wagered per game. Units ranging from 1 U to max of 5 U.
5 U plays are our best bets.

* It is strongly recommended to adhere to designated Units
Bet within your means
Don’t wager 5k on a game if your bankroll is 10k.
Don’t chase! Don’t double up on a televised game because you are down for the day
and want to win it back.

If your gonna gamble on your own use a separate bankroll.
Money management is crucial! Treat this like a business and not a losing hobby.

Read About Bankroll Management

How do you picks winners?
TRH uses quantitative and qualitative methods to identify key trends and exploit them in our predictive model.

Key to this is finding undervalued or overvalued teams + key outside trends we call “influencers”, which include a slate of variables unrelated to raw skill lev​els. These might include well known factors including home field advantage, coaching acumen, and weather, and more nuanced factors such as fatigue (travel schedules, wear and tear), key matchup mismatches, ref tendencies (i.e. calling tight or loose games, which benefits a particular style of play), among many others.

Do you pick every game?
No, not even close. Most games have too much statistical noise and variability for them to emerge as a high confidence pick. TRH Sports will only send picks that meet our standard of beating the spread.

Do you guarantee your picks will always win?
We cannot realistically guarantee a winning session every week. There is too much variance, luck, and randomness in any one game, weekend, or even season. We are confident our picks give you an advantage - even if only a small one - in each game we send out. This translates into a significant long term edge.

Do you accept international orders? Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept international orders and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club).